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Giving the Royals the Arse

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08 Apr 2014

Giving the Royals the Arse

Kate Middleton has been exposed to a naked bottom during her visit to New Zealand. Fortunately it was from a Maori and not the NZ Prime Minister John Keys – but it could set the way for Tony Abbott to welcome them to Oz in his budgie smugglers.

The royal visit has the Kiwi population swooning, as we hear from David Campbell. For those who couldn’t care less, Richard Kazimer provides an update from the US, including allegations of the US using social media to destabilize the Cuban regime, the shooting at Fort Hood and George W. Bush’s attempts at a career as an artist – as opposed to his first few adult years as a piss artist.
Brian Haverty joins us to talk apps and Phil Dobbie says the Lego Movie was surprisingly good – if you are seven.


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