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Pyne's Gap

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02 Jun 2014

Pyne's Gap

There seems to be something missing from Christopher Pyne’s grasp on economics. As we discuss with Professor Steve Keen, the idea that deregulation will drive university prices down is based on the theoretical assumption of perfect competition.

That doesn’t exist in the real world, particularly in the university sector. Instead, isn’t the outcome likely to be dumber rich students? Sounds like our education minister is missing something.
Instead, shouldn’t we be focusing on a more egalitarian society, where everyone gets an equal chance of education? Balls Radio replays an interview from 2011 with Richard Wilkinson, author of "The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone." He says wider disparities in income add to the cost of running a country and impact on the happiness of everyone, including the rich.
From the US Richard Kazimer talks about Edward Snowden’s recent interview on NBC, the opening of the September 11th museum (with some tacky gimmicks in the souvenir shop), the resignation of the Veteran Affairs Chief and Google’s new driverless car.
Brian Haverty also talks about Google. When they start sending you scrapbooks of your most recent holiday is that Spooky or Cool? It’s probably pretty cool, but the same can’t be said for Facebook, when they start using your webcam and microphone to collect sounds around the house. That’s snooping. Perhaps they should merge with the NSA?
All that, plus the future of Tony Abbott. Will he make it to the next election. Or even next week?


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