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Look out the Chinese are coming

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26 Aug 2014

Look out the Chinese are coming

What is it about Clive Palmer that makes an incomprehensible statement in one breath, then moments later he's saying something profound? Its one of many questions posed in this week's Balls Radio.

This week's running order:
- the state of Australian politics
- idiots speaking sense sometimes
- could the unemployed be share traders?
- Richard Kazimer in the US
- James Foley beheading
- Update on Ferguson
- Obamacare’s birth control
- The Ebola cure
- The Ice Bucket challenge
- arrest all rappers
- John Dobbie in the UK
- another wet long weekend
- the new DR Who
- the Dr Who loo
- helmet cam does a cyclist in
- the funniest line from the Edinburgh festival
- David Campbell in New Zealand
- the Bledisloe Cup win
- Lourde’s big win
- 100 years of Samoa
- first home buyers grant
- changing NZ passport rules
- Brian Haverty – best movies of the seventies


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