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God Save The Queen (From Jihadists)

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10 Nov 2014

God Save The Queen (From Jihadists)

The Queen managed to avoid being beheaded by Jihadists on Remembrance Sunday, but she’s still looking a bit upset about new coins being minted in which she has clearly aged – perhaps from the worry of it all.

It’s one of the many stories on this week’s Balls Radio, which also includes a look at musicians who have killed people – of which ,apparently, ACDC drummer Phil Rudd is not one.
This week's running order:
00:00 Queen saved
03:25 We are living in fear
05:10 Beware the housing bubble
08:43 Richard Kazimer: US Report
33:45 Data retention laws
36:13 John Dobbie: UK Report
50:47 David Campbell: NZ report
1:02:34 Musicians who have killed people
1:05:05 What’s the Big Idea: with Brian Haverty


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