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Cameron's Visit to the Hogg's Head

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28 Sep 2015

Cameron's Visit to the Hogg's Head

The UK Prime minister faces allegations of partaking in a bizarre student initiation ceremony. That and other news of earth shattering importance.



00:00 Introduction
01:06 Mr Treasurer, it's not a spending problem
06:54 #Piggate - part one
10:42 UK Labour conference
13:33 Farage gets even more anti-Europe
14:52 A plot to dismantle the NHS?
19:18 #Piggate - part two
22:25 The GOP race goes off the rails
29:40 Pope gets rockstar welcome
33:10 Chris Brown - will the Kiwis let him in
35:34 Pumpkin Patch - end is nigh?
37:38 Is New Zealand sinking?
39:32 Smoking is going down in Nz
41:26 Rugby World Cup wrap
43:50 Why are we all quiet on Saudi Arabia?
47:24 The happiest place in Britain
50:46 The end of Dismaland
52:32 England beaten by the Welsh
55:05 Australia is growing, slowly
57:20 Malware - yes it can hit Apple too
1:02:39 High school football go for referees


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