13 Jun 2016

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

The last edition of Balls Radio from Australia. The last chance to dissect the week's news - and find out what's coming next.

O0:00 Introduction
01:56 The last episode – where next?
06:50 Hooligans – almost certainly Brexiteers
14:49 The Queen – a monarch republicans seem to love
21:33 The dark side of British imperialism
27:13 China bans interracial marriage … not
31:10 Trump capitalises on America’s worst shooting
35:07 Clinton and Warren: Two women to run America
41:15 Is Trump a psycho?
45:13 Greece, sold off bit by bit
48:40 Brits for and against the EU
56:51 Britain is getting blasé about sex scandals
1:00:27 Mad Man – son of John Key
1:04:00 First NZ PM in Fiji since 2006
1:06:39 England and All Blacks wins – just as predicted
1:09:32 Chinese buy in to Virgin Australia – with whiff of corruption
1:12:36 New Zealand fourth most peaceful place on earth
1:17:02 Just where is the world heading?
1:19:38 Bible says death to Obama apparently
1:22:55 An end to Gawker Media
1:28:19 The Best of The Big Idea

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Balls Radio is like talk radio, but for thinking people. Now a short daily occurrence, Phil Dobbie offers his opinions on what's happening, in the UK and overseas: politics, social policy, economics, science, religion. Yes, it's another, slightly overweight middle-aged white man telling the world how it should be. But there's nothing alt-right about Balls Radio. And we try and have fun along the way.