23 May 2016

Lose an election, lose your house, lose your leg

As Trump prepares to lose an election, Aussies should get ready to lose their house, as a Kiwi migrant loses a leg.

That and more on this week's Balls Radio.

00:00 Introduction
02:00 The economy's new normal
08:23 EU referendum is turning nasty
13:43 Labour's racist deja-vu
16:02 Trump's imaginery invite
18:03 The Sun's minor apology
20:52 Why Spotify won't reign supreme
23:43 US elections high on negativity
34:07 Peter Dutton anti-immigration minister
36:52 NZ's Rugby 7s loss is all part of the strategy for Brazil
39:43 New Zealand doesn't want a Brexit
41:48 Trapped in Otago - this wasn't in the brochure
44:04 Kiwi to lose an arm in detention
46:40 New Zealand's beer wins 13 gold medals
51:16 Queensland Premier wants to stop Struggle Street
53:20 Obama to lift overtime threshold
57:55 McDonalds experiments with real beef
1:06:00 Why house prices will fall
1:10:18 What's the Big Idea - beating congestion
1:21:12 Britain's dog alert level is high
1:24:13 Is the BBC becoming a state broadcaster?
1:29:50 The UK's last cigarette
1:33:07 Happy Frankeinstein's birthday
1:36:07 World's Worst Record - Wunderbar

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