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News, politics, economics and an anagram or two

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14 Mar 2016

News, politics, economics and an anagram or two

This week the latest from the US, Australia, UK and NZ, plus Steve Keen on how Ricardo got it wrong on free trade.


00:00 Introduction

02:35 Expunging myself of two thousand CDs

05:30 Lets not use bombs as an excuse

09:35 Trump bandwagon turns violent

25:06 The Obama Cameron Bust Up

29:15 Boris Johnson – change of tune on Europe?

32:07 The Queen’s Brexit Scandal

37:26 Open flow of labour in the west

40:09 NZ flag is bad Feng shui

41:19 Why are whales beaching themselves everywhere?

44:43 Importing Cannabis through a loophole

45:28 New Zealand’s Three Cat policy

46:36 Immigration gone crazy – detaining au pair

49:38 Ricardo was wrong on free trade – Steve Keen

1:13:10 More dead celebrities

1:15:23 What’s the Big Idea – making politics work

1:22:34 Some celebrity anagrams

1:26:45 Prelude to Osbourne’s next budget

1:31:01 Scots to push for another referendum

1:34:48 England wins Six Nations Rugby!

1:36:19 Top Gear Upsets the Chancellor

1:38:20 TV chiefs want a cake and eat it

1:40:44 Climate change deniers move up the hill

1:44:32 West Virginians love of raw milk


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