29 Feb 2016

Sheehan and Trump and their struggle with the truth

Trumps lies, Sheehan’s rant and Alan Jones confusion over international trade – all given the Balls Radio treatment this week.


00:00 Introduction

02:00 Paul Sheehan’s latest fiction

09:03 Trump’s lies

25:46 Jones’ false logic on national interest

30:07 Cyclone Winston – second biggest so far

33:25 Crowdsourcing a beach

35:37 Pastafarian marriage – now recognised in NZ

38:29 The $400k doctor gig in Tokoroa

40.14 Hard times for Kim Dotcom

43.15 A Big Idea: supermarket queues for talkers

46.15 Will Guantamo Bay ever close?

52.30 Kids with hand guns. What could possibly go wrong?


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