22 Feb 2016

Goodbye Bush, Hello Brexit

Candidates are dropping like flies from the US Primaries, whilst support is rising in the UK for an exit from Europe.

Meanwhile, Australia is looking at new ways of voting.

00:00 Introduction
02:31 Absolutely anything - a movie review
07:10 Bush dips out of US Presidential primaries
15:14 Will Obama pick a new Supreme Court Judge?
21:38 Is Australia becoming a pariah state?
29:30 The UK racing for a Brexit
46:41 Stilgherrian on Apple's Error 53 saga
59:12 American footballers doing their heads in
1:06:20 What's the Big Idea?: shopping, bras, language and tea hats
1:14:27 Turnbull's wrong on negative gearing
1:20:40 Kiwi's rights down under
1:26:45 NZ - too generous on refugees?
1:29:27 Christchurch - still shaking, 5 years on
1:33:23 Australia's election reforms - an easier solution
1:39:10 Britain's highest loo
1:41:41 Derbyshire town, bursting at the seems
1:45:18 Recreating Lennon, from the hair down


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