01 Feb 2016

China, Wogan, Trump, Lawson ….

A mega-Balls episode, with lots of business, politics and all that populist stuff too! Get ready for the long haul.

00:00 Introduction
02:17 A tribute to Sir Terry Wogan
08:59 Cameron’s failed EU compromise
11:26 McDonnell’s tax transparency
13:21 Sex scandal takes UKIP mainstream
15:21 If real estate writers reported on hard news
20:42 Trump backs his trunk and says goodbye to the circus
27:14 FBI moves in on Y’allqaeda in Oregon
33:05 Turnbull, Abbott with a nice smile
34:43 Will a China downfall hurt Aussie real estate?
53:29 Here come the Habibs – racist perhaps?
55:28 The Kiwi Lawn Bowls Scandal
58:15 No de-caff in Christchurch
1:00:05 Free graduate education in NZA?
1:02:00 Waitangi Day – a nation united
1:05:14 Hetro couple refused civil union
1:08:10 An end to Hovercrafts and the Land Rover Defender
1:13:00 Teacher bans parents in pyjamas
1:16:30 What’s the Big Idea – double decker cars
1:23:00 Nigel Lawson’s Great Taxing Idea
1:33:05 Planned Parenthood’s double win
1:37:20 McDonalds saved by breakfast


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