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Balls to satire

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12 Jan 2015

Balls to satire

In the interests of preserving life expectancy, Balls Radio is devoid of any satire involving the Prophet Mohammed. We do, however, talk about the Paris attacks, free speech and the balance between satire and insult. 


This week's running order

00.00 An attack on free speech

00.30 Life with 72 virgins

02.00 Were the cartoons offensive?

03.30 The state of satire

07:00 Is the pen mightier than the sword?

11.10 John Dobbie’s UK Report

-Paris peace rally

-Farage chirps in

-Cameron wans the Greens

-Biggest ship for UK summer

-Randy Andy’s Swiss paradise

25.00 Driving ban for exhibitionists

26.00 Skinny dipping senators

27.10 Ian Fogherty’s arrest – attack on free speech?

28:15 Richard Kazimer’s US Report

-Boston bomber to face death penalty?

-Unemployment on the way down

-Keystone XL pipeline, still viable?

-Republicans’ last push for legislation

-False prophecies of Obama’s administration

45:40 David Campbell’s NZ report

-John Key’s shifting priorities

-The 2km base jump

-Scabby mouth

-NZ’s cricketing prowess

-NZ Aus dollar parity

54:20 Computer problems

55:30 What’s the Big Idea with Brian Haverty

-5:5 cricket

-Everlasting cricket

-Improving dog racing

-More stats in sports



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Balls Radio is like talk radio, but for thinking people. Now a short daily occurrence, Phil Dobbie offers his opinions on what's happening, in the UK and overseas: politics, social policy, economics, science, religion. Yes, it's another, slightly overweight middle-aged white man telling the world how it should be. But there's nothing alt-right about Balls Radio. And we try and have fun along the way.