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Blatter, a bored farmer, polluting cruise liners and climate deniers

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01 Jun 2015

Blatter, a bored farmer, polluting cruise liners and climate deniers

This week: Sepp Blatter, climate change, polluting Sydney Harbour and the farmer who writes words with sheep. 

Running Order

00:00 Introduction

01:18 Sepp Blatter’s denials

06:19 Reality TV paedophile shock

11:29 Rick Santorum to run

16:00 A right royal government set for EU vote

22:57 Sepp’s FIFA-dom could be over

27:53 Runaway house prices and Australia’s double debt

31:53 Kiwi’s salute the Queen, bless

37:11 Farmer writes with his sheep

40:09 Hasidic Jews ban on mums driving

44:00 Revolting cows are thieving badger

49:14 Cruise liners are killing us

1:03:21 US senate rejects man-made climate change

1:08:14 US gun ownership in decline

1:14:09 Ripping out Sydney’s bike lanes



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