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A winning budget for Abbott

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18 May 2015

A winning budget for Abbott

Last week’s budget was a vote winner for the Abbott government, but does it really do anything?

It’s a high spending extravaganza that assumes higher incomes from taxes, based on dangerous assumptions of an economic recovery. If the revenue doesn’t come in then the Treasurer will be adding to the deficit, which he seems to see as a big deal.

But there are bigger issues to discuss, like Johnny Depp’s puppies and Liverpool without Gerrard.

Running Order

00:00 Introduction

01:05 Brandis approved art

07:33 Aftermath of the UK election

16:46 Why the hatred of cyclists?

21:30 The budget worked for Abbott, what about the economy?

37:55 Prince Charles letters, Gerri Halliwell’s next marriage

42:42 Au revoir Kevin Pietersen, Steven Gerrard

49:24 Barnaby Joyce Licence to Kill   


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